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Enhance your ONG.

Logo tauatu-04

Enhance your ONG.

Simple & Clean

the in-app messages are totally detached from spam or personal emails


The events have a dedicated section, with customized alerts for individual participants


The communication's and adhesion's reports are based on the single user

The mobile innovation is the union between technology and design, between a new way to intend communication and the magnification of the User Experience, in order to put the user at the center of every process.

App's benefits


The smartphone is an extension of its abilities: in addition to being a work object it is also a personal object


The study of the ux replace manuals, courses and guides: you open the app and use it


The user finds constantly updated and interesting contents to keeping up with the events


The associate may choose to receive all, some or no alerts

Integrated solution

IOS and Android app

Admin cloud console

Analytics board

Durable assistance


News & Events

The home gathers the list of the news and events. On tap the user can see the detail. For each event the user have the possibility to receive an alerts before the start of the event (configurable)

Payment system

Thanks to the integration with the main payment circuits and online events, we provide the event, sponsors and subscription payments recovery.
Fee: 5,5% + 0,99/transaction*

(like eventbrite.it)


* 6,5% until reaching €150.000/year. American Express: 1,5% extra

Compatible with the main credit cards: Apple pay, Google pay and Paypal.

Graphic customization

The graphic appearance of the app is customizable based on the individual branding of the association.


Some customizing components:

• Naming

• Icon

• Splash screen

• Store assets (description, video and screenshot)

• Logo

• Color (title, text, button, background)

• Navigation menu

• Button

• Section name

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